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    The Nautical Themed Bathroom

    Nautical Themed Bathroom Pic



    The Nautical Themed Bathroom is much darker than the previous mentioned beach bathroom theme.

    Unlike the fun, whimsical feelings of the beach themed bathroom, or the more relaxing Coastal Theme Bathroom, The Nautical Themed Bathroom is all about Adventure.

    When considering a nautical themed bathroom, we envision things such as Lighthouses, Anchors, Ships/Boats, Buoys, Fishing Nets, Oars, and other accessories associated with an Ocean Theme or Sea type style.

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    Nautical Themed Bathroom Color Choices:

    For a nautical bathroom theme, the colors will be darker and more intense than what we used in a beach or coastal theme. Here the colors will be noticeably deeper so as to give the impression of a marine feel.

    Colors for the Nautical bathroom are the colors of Navy Blue, Red, White and perhaps some bright yellow. This is not the place for any pastels or light colors or accessories. The white is the only color we would really consider light and it is there to accentuate the dark colors of the navy blue, red or bright yellow. Some green can be acceptable but that color would be better used in a marine/ocean themed bathroom. (We talk more about that here)

    Depending on the light sources in your bathroom, you may want to keep the walls white to keep it looking brighter and use the other colors as accents. If you like the idea of a darker underground feel, then painting the walls navy will give this effect. Many people will have an accent wall in navy or red and keep the rest white. This is totally dependent on your preferences.

    Nautical Theme Shower Curtains :

    The bathroom shower curtain is generally the first thing that will attract your attention when entering the room so it is always a good idea to make certain that the shower curtain you choose will convey the feeling of the theme that you wish to evoke.

    Here are a few examples that will hopefully help you in deciding the look you are going for.

    Nautical Themed Lighthouse Shower Curtain


    This is a lovely example for a bathroom shower curtain if you are going for a Nautical Theme. The darker night sky against the red and white of the lighthouse is a perfect setting for your nautical theme.

    The colors of Navy, Red and White are naturals for this type of Bathroom Decorating Scheme.








    Ghost Ship Clouds Nautical Shower Curtain

    This Ghost Ship Theme is also a great choice for a Nautical Bathroom Theme. It is reminiscent of old Pirate ships lost in the night.

    As you can see, the Nautical Bathroom Theme can incorporate anything from Coastal Lighthouses or conjuring up Pirate Ship Adventures.







    Ship in Storm Nautical Shower Curtain


    Here we have a ship in a storm. This is another good nautical themed bathroom shower curtain for your bathroom theme. It reminds me again of a pirate type theme which might be great in a kids bathroom.







    Nautical Theme Bathroom Shower Curtain Anchors


    This particular Nautical themed shower curtain actually comes in a set so you can get the bathmats and toilet seat cover to match.









    lighthouse starfish nautical shower curtain


    This Lighthouse/Starfish Theme is both Coastal, as well as Nautical. With it’s navy blue and white colors it will fit a nautical themed bathroom very nicely.











    navy red yellow boats nautical shower curtain

    This also is a nautical themed shower curtain and focuses more on sailing. It’s another lovely choice for a nautical bathroom with this red/white/navy with yellow accents. This gives the bathroom a whimsical feeling.

    Your color choices for the walls and accessories can be any one of these colors.


    When choosing your color scheme, remember to always purchase your shower curtain first so you can match up the colors more precisely.





    Navy Boats Nautical Shower Curtain


    If you like the idea of the sailing boats but prefer a little less color, this Navy, White and Grey Nautical Shower Curtain may be more in style with what you want.








    Nautical Stripes Shower Curtain

    Here is a more traditional approach to your Nautical themed Bathroom.

    Navy and White Stripes is always a good choice for a nautical themed bathroom and can easily be accessorized. These nautical bathroom accessories below would go perfectly with your theme.

    Nautical Bathroom Accessories set








    6 Piece Navy Blue towels for nautical theme







    Nautical Shower Curtain Red White Blue

    Red, White and Blue is another common color combination for a Nautical Themed Bathroom.

    Again it can be accessorized very easily to give you the ambiance you want. These red, white and blue bathroom towels below, would go very nicely with this nautical shower curtain.

    You could use red, white, navy or even yellow bathroom accessories to accent your Nautical Themed Bathroom.





    yellow nautical bath towelsBurgundy Nautical Bath Towel







    Lighthouses and Anchor Shower Curtain



    Red, White and Blue Lighthouses with anchors is another lovely choice for a Nautical Themed Bathroom.









    Red Anchor Nautical Shower Curtain


    Here again is the typical red, white and navy Nautical Shower Curtain.

    As you can see, your choices are varied when it comes to choosing the style of Bathroom Shower Curtain that would look good in your Nautical Themed Bathroom.








    How to Accessorize Your Nautical Bathroom:

    When it comes to accessorizing your nautical bathroom there are endless choices. Anything that reminds you of lighthouses, anchors, buoys, pirate ships or basic stripes will go well. Below are a few accessories that you might want to consider when planning your bathroom make-over.

    Nautical Shower Curtain Hooks

    anchor nautical shower curtain hooks

    anchor nautical shower curtain hooks sample









    Nautical Theme Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks










    Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor:

    When it comes to Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor, choose things that depict such as Ship Wheels, Lighthouses, Anchors, Buoys, Fishing Nets etc. and you can’t go wrong.

    Nautical Wheel Bathroom Wall Decor









    Rope Mirrors are another good idea for Nautical Themed Wall Decor

    square rope Nautical mirrorOval Rope Mirror









    Rope is always a good addition to the Nautical Themed Bathroom. Perhaps you might consider adding some Nautical Rope Cabinet Handles as a little finishing detail.

    nautical rope cabinet knobs







    Other Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories:

    anchor nautical toilet paper holder

    What about adding this unique ships anchor toilet paper holder for a little something extra?








    Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories


    Adding Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories, such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap dishes, tissue boxes and waste baskets often complete the look for Nautical themed bathrooms.


    Navy Waste Basket









    Nautical Bath mat



    Lighthouse Nautical Themed Bath Mat





    Lighthouse Nautical Soap Pump



    Lighthouse Nautical Soap Dispenser






    Lighthouse Nautical Toilet Brush Holder




    Lighthouse Nautical Toilet Brush Holder






    Shell Bathroom Accessores 3D


    This 4 piece 3D Bathroom Accessory set will look great in any water themed bathroom.







    Lighthouse on chair Nautical Bathroom Decor


    This is a cute little decorative addition to a Nautical Themed Bathroom. It’s quite small and yet very whimsical.






    We hope that this article has given you a few more ideas on how to decorate your Nautical Themed Bathroom. If you would like to see more of our suggestions for water themed bathrooms please be sure to visit our other articles:

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  • Shower Curtain Hooks,  Shower Curtain Hooks and Rings

    Choosing The Best Shower Curtain Hooks and Rings

    There are so many types of shower curtain hooks and rings to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on which ones are right for you and your bathroom decor.

    Should you go for shower curtain hooks or go for shower curtain rings instead? Which type of finish should you buy?

    There are a myriad of finishes for shower curtain rings, here are just a few:


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    Different Types of Shower Curtain Hooks and Rings:


    Which Shower Curtain Hooks Are Best For You?

    With such a wide variety, how on earth are you going to choose the shower curtain hooks that are right for you?

    Let’s look for a few clues

    One of the first things you may want to consider when choosing your shower curtain rings or hooks is the type of finishes you already have on the existing items in your bathroom. Large things such as your bathroom faucets and mirrors etc. will give you a good clue as to what type of finish you may want.


    (Click on Image above for more info)

    If, for instance, you have chrome faucets, then having oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rings will probably clash. Of course, if you are planning on changing to an oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet and replacing your towel holders etc. then oil rubbed bronze shower curtain hooks could give your bathroom a classy look.

    Which type of metal do you prefer: Gold, brushed nickle, brass, bronze, oil rubbed bronze or stainless steel? Your preference and budget will help you determine your best choice.

    Perhaps, the budget is a little tight or you might want to use plastic shower curtain rings in a child’s bathroom. Shower curtain rings made of plastic, would be a very good choice for a kid’s bathroom because they are not only inexpensive, but they are also very durable. Plastic shower curtain rings also come in a wide variety of colors. Popular colors for a kid’s bathroom could be the primary colors such as:

      red shower curtain rings


    Red Plastic Shower Curtain Rings like the one above, can be used in a kids bathroom. Click on the image for more info.

    You could also try something more neutral that will go with practically anything such as:

    Of course, if you are planning on going with a particular theme such as a beach theme, then you will want a Beach Shower Curtain along with beach shower curtain hooks, and beach bath accessories, such as beach towels. See the example below.


    beach themed shower curtain
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    beach themed shower curtain hooks







    beach theme towel

    For more Beach Themed Ideas check out our Beach Theme Bathroom Ideas








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