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    Rustic Country Christmas Bathroom Theme

    A Rustic, Country Bathroom Theme is trending now, so let’s discuss how to incorporate this for your Christmas Bathroom Decorating Theme.

    In order to decorate our bathrooms in any particular theme we will need to decide 3 things

    1. Which Rustic/Country Christmas Shower Curtain We want to Use
    2. What Color Scheme are we gong to use
    3. Which Rustic/Country Christmas Bathroom Accessories to use.

    Choosing a Rustic/Country Christmas Shower Curtain

    There are many lovely rustic/country shower curtains that are suitable for your Christmas Bathroom Theme. We will display a few choices below to help you know what is available. On a side note, many of these will also be suitable for a Farmhouse Styled Bathroom. For more information regarding the Farmhouse Theme please refer to our other article “Farmhouse Styled Bathroom“.

    Country Farmhouse Christmas Shower Curtain

    This fabric Country Christmas Shower Curtain is great for a Country/Rustic Farmhouse inspired Christmas Bathroom. It’s design is not too busy which is great and the price is reasonable.








    Country Snowman Country Christmas Shower CurtainHere we have a delightful Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain that would also go very well in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom Theme.









    Country Christmas Snowman Shower Curtain

    Adorable winter pattern featuring three snowmen accented by snowflakes, cardinal birds, pine trees and more. This festive Shower curtain can be used all season long, not just for Christmas.

    The Mat is not included.






    Country Wreath Christmas Shower Curtain

    This lovely Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Shower Curtain is made of 100% Polyester and comes with decorative Christmas Shower Hooks. They are little red cardinals.







    Red Snowflake Country Christmas Shower Curtain


    The red shower curtain with white snowflakes is sure to add extra charm to your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Themed bathroom.

    This is sure to give a festive feeling to your Christmas Bathroom theme.











    Festive Country Christmas Shower Curtain

    This particular Christmas shower curtain has little trees and festive gifts as a design feature. A very unique shower curtain for your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Themed Bathroom.








    Snowman Lace Fabric Shower Curtain

    This Snowman Lace Shower Curtain is a lovely addition to your Christmas Bathroom Theme. The great thing about lace is that it is sheer so putting your favorite colored shower curtain liner behind it will bring out the details of the snowman very well.

    For more information regarding the different types of shower curtain material be sure to refer to our article: Which Shower Curtain Material is Best?








    Country Christmas Shower Curtain Wood Panel


    This Country Christmas Shower Curtain is rather unique. Red Christmas gifts lines up again a wood plank background gives it a very Rustic Farmhouse look.










    Vintage Country Farmhouse Shower Curtain

    This Christmas Shower Curtain has a lot of Vintage charm which would go wonderfully in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme.

    Many people find this particular shower curtain very charming.








    Santa Country Christmas Shower Curtain

    This is a lovely whimsical Christmas Shower Curtain with Santa Claus peeking through the window. Very Country/Rustic Farmhouse inspired it is sure to be a big hit with family and guests over the holidays.









    Red Truck Christmas Tree Shower Curtain

    Another Country Vintage inspired Christmas Shower Curtain. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of going out to get the tree for Christmas? Adding it to the back of a red pick-up truck gives it that extra Country charm.










    Anti-Bacterial 8 G Shower Curtain Liner


    At Shower Curtains Plus we always suggest that you use a shower curtain liner no matter which Christmas shower curtain you plan on using. Amazon sells a great one that is also anti-bacterial and has good reviews. We suggest you purchase this one.





    What Color Scheme to Use

    As you can see, there is quite a vast array of appropriate country/rustic farmhouse shower curtains available to choose from. Although most Christmas Bathroom Themes incorporate Red and Green, you can see that maybe adding some browns and more muted burgundy’s might go better with some of the shower curtains above.

    Once you have decided on the Shower Curtain of your choice then you can add the little extras in the color most appropriate, to bring your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom to life.

    Rustic/Country Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom Accessories

    Below you will find some lovely bathroom accessories to compliment your country/rustic farmhouse bathroom theme.

    Shower Curtain Rings

    Snowflake Shower Curtain Hooks

    Although shower curtains usually come with their own shower curtain rings, many people find that they are flimsy and break easily. This is why we suggest that you buy something a little sturdier that will also add to the Theme effect you are going for.

    These snowflake shower curtain hooks would go well with most of the shower curtains that we have shown you above. They have a delicate snowflake pattern and could be used all Winter long.



    Vintage Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks

    These vintage looking Christmas shower curtain hooks would look great with many of the shower curtains shown above.





    Pointesettia and Holly Shower Curtain Hooks

    Poinsettias and holly are also a great choice for shower curtain hooks for Christmas Bathroom theme.







    Other Miscellaneous Christmas Accessories

    Chalkboard look Christmas Soap pumpThis chalkboard look soap/lotion pump would look great in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme.






    Dancing Tin Angels

    Although these dancing tin angels are actually Christmas tree ornaments, you might consider hanging them in your Country Christmas inspired bathroom. They can easily be hung around cabinet door handles of perhaps from shelves in the bathroom. These come in a set of 12 so if you can’t use them all in the bathroom you can use any leftovers in your country kitchen or place them on the Christmas Tree.






    Snowman Wall Decor


    This cute little burlap snowman is battery operated and lights up. It would make a cute addition to your Christmas bathroom decor by hanging it on a wall.




    Snowman Christmas Tissue Box Cover

    This adorable tissue box holder has a certain country charm that would add a lovely touch to your Country/rustic farmhouse Christmas bathroom.





    Rustic Christmas Greeting Wall Decor


    This wall decor plaque is a lovely addition to your Country Christmas Bathroom.






    As you can see, there are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom. We hope you find something that fits your needs. Be sure to check out our other articles on Bathroom Decorating Ideas.

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    Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

    There are so many whimsical Snowman Shower Curtains around it may be hard to choose exactly what you want. This is where we come in.  Hopefully our designs and selections will help to make your season a little brighter.

    When it comes to Winter time, who doesn’t love Snowmen! Whether we go outside in the frosty air and make a snowman ourselves, or bring the happy spirit of the Snowman into our Christmas Bathroom Decorating Theme, it will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

    The nice thing about buying a Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain and Accessories, is that you can leave them up a little longer than other Christmas Shower Curtains. Since Snowmen are a seasonal phenomenon, we can use this them right through the Winter season.

    How to Create Your Snowman Christmas Theme

    When it comes to creating your Snowman Christmas Theme just follow these 3 easy steps.

    1. Choose Your Favorite Snowman Color Scheme
    2. Choose Your Favorite Snowman Shower Curtain
    3. Choose Your Favorite Snowman Bathroom Accessories

    Choose Your Favorite Snowman Color Scheme

    Snowman Shower Curtains come in a variety of colors. Deciding on which color scheme you are going to choose will be dependent on the Snowman Shower Curtain you choose.

    Once you find your favorite Snowman Shower Curtain, then your color theme will take care of itself. For instance, if  you choose a light blue background for your Shower Curtain, then you will use light blue Snowman Bathroom Accessories.

    On the other hand if you choose Snowmen on a red or navy background, then you will need Snowmen Bathroom Accessories to match.

    We always suggest that when you decorate your bathroom that you choose your Shower Curtain first. Once that decision is made, it is then that your color theme can be determined. Therefore, the first step in any bathroom decorating is to choose your shower curtain first.

    Choose Your Favorite Snowman Shower Curtain

    Below, we will show a variety of Snowmen Shower Curtains to give you a better idea of what color themes are available. Hopefully you will find one that you love!



    This “Frosty Friends” Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain is a delightful and cheery shower curtain.










    Snowmen Winter Shower Curtain

    Cute little snowmen standing on snowbanks waving signs saying “Merry Christmas”







    Snowman Sleigh Shower Curtain

    This moonlit snowman is waving as Santa and his sleigh make his Christmas eve journey.

    Very Cute. Bath mat set sold separately. Snowman Sleigh Bathroom Mat Set








    Country Snowman Shower Curtain

    This is different snowman shower curtain. Geared towards a more Country Bathroom Theme. This would also look lovely in a Farmhouse Christmas Theme.







    Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain Teal

    This is an adorable Snowman bringing cheer to your Christmas Bathroom Theme. It has more of a modern twist with this particular shade of blue/green which is different.







    Snowman Red and Blue Christmas shower curtain




    Are you looking for something a bit darker? This particular Snowman Shower Curtain has quite a bit of red in it for those who like a more traditional Christmas Bathroom. Matching Bath Mat is included in this set.





    Grey Christmas Shower Curtain

    This Grey Snowman Family is a great addition to a Christmas Bathroom Theme. This is one is a good example of a Christmas shower curtain that could stay up all winter, as we mentioned earlier.

    The picture depicted below is not the same one as illustrated,but the price is the same and the company is the same.

    Grey Snowman Bath Mat








    Two Snowmen Christmas Shower Curtain

    This is a lovely shower curtain with Snowmen outside on a Winter evening. This is sure to give a warm and cozy atmosphere to your bathroom.








    Snowman Sand Shower Curtain


    Funny Shower Curtain depicting a snowman made out of sand. Does this make him a sandman? For those living in a warmer climate this might be something appealing to them. This also could be used in a beach theme bathroom.






    Snowmen on White Background

    Musical Snowmen on a White background plays with traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Great for any Christmas Bathroom Theme. Bathmat Set sold separately.

    Snowman on white background bath mat set








    Orange Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain


    This cute little snowman looks like he’s hanging out in your bathtub ready to great you when you walk in the bathroom. Super cute and the colors can be played with using red, greens, white or rust or orange. Bath Mat Set Sold Separately.

    Orange Snowman Bath mat Set








    Choose Your Favorite Snowman Bathroom Accessories

    When it comes to Snowman Bathroom Accessories, there is so much to choose from. Finding accessories that match well with your Christmas Snowman Shower Curtain is key.

    Below we list a few Christmas Bathroom Accessories for you to choose from. Of course, there are many more Shower Curtains and Bathroom Accessories on Amazon besides those which are depicted here.



    Grey Snowman toilet setBlue Snowmen Bath mat Set









    Here are a few more Bathroom Bath mat sets. You can find more here at Amazon.


    Snowman Christmas Bath Towels

    Snowman Bath Towels





    Miscellaneous Snowman Decor

    Snowman Shower Curtain Hooks
    Snowman Shower Curtain Hooks


    Blue Snowman Toilet Seat Cover









    Snowman Toilet Decoration Set









    Snowman Soap Dish Dispenser






    Snowman Christmas Tissue Box Cover


    Lovely Country Style Bathroom Tissue Cover looks great in a Snowman Christmas Bathroom.







    Snowman Christmas Light


    This ceramic snowman would look cute on a shelf or bathroom vanity. We would suggest that you use a flameless candle and not a real candle inside for safety reasons.






    Snowman Plus Toy Decoration


    This sweet little plush snowman is 15″ tall and would look great sitting in your Christmas Bathroom.






    Snowman Toilet Paper Holder
    Snowman Toilet Paper Holder








    Snowman Decanters Christmas
    Custom Made Snowman Dispensers





    Snowman Wall Decor

    This sweet little wall art lights up and is battery operated. Very Sweet for your Snowman wall Decor.






    As you can see, there are many items that can be used to decorate your Snowman Christmas Bathroom. Hopefully you will find something of value from the items we have suggested.

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    Christmas Shower Curtain Bathroom Sets

    For Bathroom Decorating Ideas, here are some great ways to decorate your bathroom for Christmas. Not only will you find Christmas Shower Curtains but also an array of Holiday decorating ideas and accessories.

    Christmas Bathroom Themes can be found in many different colors as well as the traditional colors. Here are some of the Christmas color bathroom themes we will explore: 

    Christmas Color Themes

    Usually you can purchase the more traditional Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories in Sets so let’s look at the Christmas Bathroom Sets first.

    Traditional Christmas Bathroom Sets

    When we think of traditional Christmas Bathroom Sets, we tend to imagine colors of Red and Green along with Holly & Ivy, Poinsettias, Pine Cones and more vintage style shower curtains and bathroom accessories.

    Poinsettia Shower Curtain Set with Mat

    Poinsettia Christmas Shower Curtain Set



    This Poinsettia Christmas Shower Curtain with Ivy is a perfect example of the Traditional Christmas Shower Curtain. With Traditional Colors of Red and Green, this Christmas shower curtain is sure to please.

    It comes with the two bathroom mats shown in the picture.









    Red and White Snowman Shower Curtain Set


    This Christmas Shower Curtain Set is a little more whimsical with Snowmen, Santa, Penguins and Christmas Trees.

    This set also includes the two mats shown in the picture on the left.










    Christmas Holiday Shower Curtain Set




    For a more Modern design for a Christmas Shower Curtain Set, this might be just up your alley. It has the same traditional Christmas colors, but with a slight twist.










    Christmas Shower Curtains (not sets)

    Although these other Traditional Christmas Shower Curtains do not come with matching bath mats, other Christmas bath mats can be easily added separately.

    Merry Christmas Tree Shower Curtains


    This Red/Green Traditional Christmas Shower Curtain makes a lovely statement piece for your Christmas Bathroom Theme.








    Christmas Bells Shower Curtain


    Here is something a little different. Beautiful Gold and Green Christmas Bells on a red background. The Green Christmas leaves look like boughs that the bells are hanging from. Super cute!








    Pointsettia on white Christmas Shower Curtain


    Here is another Poinsettia Christmas Shower Curtain but this one has a white background rather than the red background featured above.







    Christmas Decorations Shower Curtain


    This Christmas Shower Curtain depicting gold Christmas decorations has more Red but still has the holly berry with leaves.









    Bling Bling Christmas Tree Shower Curtain


    Here is a more modern twist on Traditional Christmas Shower Curtains. Although this is white on red, it still fits well into this category.







    There are many more Traditional Christmas Shower Curtains that you might like on Amazon. Be sure to check them out.


    Christmas Bathroom Accessories

    Santa Bath Mat Toilet Cover

    This lovely Bathroom set consists of a Bath Mat, a toilet rug and toilet lid cover. It makes a little extra special touch to your Christmas Themed Bathroom







    Bling Christmas Tree Bathroom Mat Set


    This Christmas Bath Mat Set would probably go well with the Bling Bling Shower Curtain shown above.






    Christmas Embroidered Towels


    These lovely Christmas embroidered towels would make a lovely addition to any Christmas Bathroom Theme.






    Santa Snowman and Christmas Tree Soap Dispenser

    These cute little soap/lotion dispensers make a nice little addition to your Christmas Theme Bathroom. It comes in a set of 3 so you will probably have one left over for your Christmas Kitchen Decor also.






    Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks


    Santa Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks

    Although Shower curtains generally do come with shower curtain rings, they may not always be the best quality. This is why we suggest that you order shower curtain rings/hooks separately.

    They will be stronger and will give a lovely decorative look to your new shower curtains.

    For more information regarding shower curtains and hooks be sure to read our article.


    Pointsettia Shower Curtain Rings


    These Poinsettia and Holly Christmas Shower Curtain hooks will look great with your more traditional Christmas shower curtains.






    Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks Variety Pak

    If you can’t quite decide on which Christmas shower curtain hooks to choose, this 12 piece set comes in a variety of 4 different Christmas themed hooks. Variety is the spice of life 🙂







    Treat Yourself to a Christmas Gift

    While you are busy decorating your Christmas bathroom, now would be a good time to buy yourself a little extra special gift for the holidays.

    Here are some of our gift suggestions. You can always tell your significant other that it’s not really a splurge, it’s adding to your Christmas Decor 🙂

    Red bath and Body Spa Basket


    If you can hold off until after Christmas, you can use this as a nice decoration in your Christmas Bathroom Theme.It Includes a lovely little red bath with Bath Salts, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath and Puff.



    Christmas Gift Gold Bath Spa Set



    This Bath Spa Set is fragrance with White Rose and Jasmine. It includes the lovely little gold bath and Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Scrub, Bath Salt, 6 Bath Bombs, Pouf, and a Cosmetic Bag. This too looks great as a Christmas decoration in the bathroom.




    Gold Bath Spa Christmas Smaller


    This Bath Spa Set is similar to the one above but has less products in it. It’s the same great fragrance of White Rose and Jasmine but comes with fewer items. Set includes: 150ml Shower Gel, 50ml Body Lotion, 150ml Bubble Bath, & 100g Bath Salts. It looks like there is a scubby in there too but its not listed for some strange reason.

    This is a little less expensive if your want to treat yourself but your budget is a little stretched to the holiday spending budget.



    These are adorable! Two luxurious bathrobes monogrammed “The King” and “The Queen.” You can customize them to say “His” and “Hers” or “Bride and Groom.” Very Unique and a Lovely gift to have after a hot shower on a cold winter day. Indulge 🙂

    These also come in Black and White if you don’t like this color combination.


    His and Hers Bath Robes Christmas Gift

    If you prefer the typical white Mr. and Mrs. bathrobes, we have those also. Now all you have to do is decide which ones you  are going to buy for that extra special Christmas gift to you.








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    Blue Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

    Blue Christmas Shower Curtains and accessories are the theme of this Christmas page. Learn how to use this palette for you own Blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    Blue Christmas shower curtain sets are difficult to find, but that doesn’t need to stop you from designing your own Blue Christmas Bathroom. These bathroom decorating ideas will hopefully spark your imagination and you will be able to construct your very own Blue Christmas bathroom complete with blue Christmas decorations and bathroom accessories.

    If you see anything that interests you just click on the picture and it will open in another window where you can find more information and the latest pricing.

    Blue Shower Curtains

    Basically, a blue Christmas bathroom Theme is made up from either a light blue background with a Christmas theme or a dark blue background. Below we will show you both and let you decide which is best for your blue Christmas bathroom decor.

    We have posted the Snowman Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories separately to make it easier for you.

    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Deer in Snow

    This beautiful 72″ x 72″ blue Christmas Shower Curtain made of 100% Polyester, is sure to delight you.

    Because this is such a lovely winter theme you could possibly keep it up all winter.







    Blue Christmas Balls with Silver Stars


    This lovely Blue Christmas Shower Curtain features blue Christmas balls hung with silver stars. Blue and Silver are very trendy Christmas colors for those wanting to get away from the Traditional reds and greens.








    Blue Christmas Outdoor Scene


    This Blue Christmas Outdoor Theme is hand painted and looks very serene but Christmassy at the same time.








    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain


    Ambesonne Blue White Holiday Christmas Ornaments Fabric Shower Curtain Digital Bathroom. 100% Polyester.






    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain Snowflakes


    Comfort Home Style Custom Blue Snow Flakes Beautiful Snowflakes Pattern Design Waterproof Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain,Bathroom decor 66″x72″

    This is great if you want a soft, calm atmosphere to your Blue Christmas Bathroom Theme. Add a few Blue Christmas decorations and you’ll be all set to show off your design to family and friends.






    Turquoise Blue Shower CurtainThis Blue Christmas Shower Curtain is Turquoise rather than baby blue or navy and fits well for those who want something a little different. The design depicting a bow gives the impression of a newly wrapped gift.

    It’s sure to be a conversation piece this Christmas. Pair it with some turquoise towels and turquoise Christmas decorations.

    turqouise christmas mat






    Blue Christmas Shower Curtain with Decor Balls


    This Blue Christmas Shower Curtain will definitely give your bathroom a festive atmosphere. It keeps with the Blue Christmas Theme and because it is so colorful you could use any of the colors from the colored balls as an accent.







    Blue Christmas Chalet


    This is a cozy looking shower curtain theme. Reminds me of skiing in the Alps. So cozy looking.







    Whimsical and Funny Blue Shower Curtains

    Funny Shower Curtain Polar Bears Skating


    This Funny Christmas shower curtain, can be used all Winter. Two sweet little polar bears skating on the frozen lake is sure to bring a smile to anyone.







    Blue Christmas Santa in Sleigh

    This whimsical Blue Christmas Shower Curtain conjures up memories of the Night Before Christmas Story Book, “Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night”

    Night Before Christmas Story Book








    Blue Christmas Snowman Village










    Blue Christmas Santa on Rooftop


    Here is another dark blue Christmas Shower Curtain that is on the whimsical side.

    The fabric Christmas shower curtain is 72″ x 70″ and depicts Santa Claus coming down the chimney with Christmas gifts for all the good girls and boys.










    Santa Clause in the Shower Curtain


    This Funny Shower Curtain is great for a Blue Christmas Theme Bathroom. It looks like Santa is hiding behind the shower curtain, perhaps checking if you’re naughty or nice 🙂









    Charlie Brown Christmas


    Who doesn’t love the story of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. This cute Blue Christmas Themed Shower Curtain can be enjoyed by young and old alike.








    Snoopy Charle Brown Christmas Shower Curtain



    It will be hard to choose between these two Blue Christmas Themed Shower Curtains. They are both adorable and bring the festive feeling to your bathroom.







    Blue Christmas Theme Bathroom Accessories

    Although there are not many specific Blue Christmas Bathroom Accessories that are marketed as such, there are many Bathroom Accessories that can be used very easily to give it a festive atmosphere.

    In most of the Blue Christmas Theme Shower Curtains shown, you could use a variety of colors that would combine nicely with your theme.

    The obvious color would be blue, but you could also use Silver Bathroom Accessories which would look lovely. White bathroom accessories as well as red may go with some of these shower curtains very well.

    Don’t forget that just adding extra Christmas decorations around the room, such as wall decor, or flowers etc. will bring the festive look to your bathroom very easily.

    Our Suggestions:

    Blue Resin Bathroom Accessory Set with Silver

    This beautiful blue resin set with silver accents would fit perfectly with many of the shower curtains we have suggested above. It also comes in other colors that would work well such as white with Silver and Silver.

    Silver Bathroom Accessory Set








    This Brushed Nickel Bathroom Accessories Set would look great with any of the Shower Curtains above.

    Decorative Silver Christimas Bathroom AccessoriesBrushed Nickle Christmas Bathroom Accessories









    Silver Mosaic Christmas Set

    For more information about any of our products just click on the picture/image and it will take you to Amazon for more info and prices.





    Blue Christmas Theme Decorations

    By simply adding a few Blue Christmas Decorations to your bathroom, it will quickly add the atmosphere that you are looking for.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    You could add a blue Christmas Wreath to give it a festive touch

    Blue Christmas Wreath









    Blue Poinsettias Will Also Add A Festive Feeling. Simply add some of these around the bathroom at strategic places to give it that Christmas atmosphere.

    Blue Christmas Poinsettia








    You Could Add a Small Christmas Tree on the corner of the vanity or above the toilet to bring the Christmas Spirit alive in your Blue Christmas Bathroom.

    Blue Christmas Tree


    This sweet Blue Christmas Tree is only 18″ tall and could fit nicely in any Blue Themed Christmas bathroom.







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    Purple Christmas Shower Curtains and Accessories

    For a more Modern Christmas bathroom decorating idea, many people have opted to choose Purple as their Christmas Shower Curtain and Accessories for the Bathroom. If this is one of your favorite colors learn how to have a purple Christmas.

    Since this color scheme does not come in traditional Christmas sets we have taken the opportunity to show you how you can get the bathroom you love.

    How To Put Together

    Your Own Purple Christmas Theme

    1. Choose Your Christmas Shower Curtain
    2. Choose Your Bathroom Towels
    3. Choose Bathroom Accessories

    Watch as we bring these elements together.

    Step 1: Choose Your Christmas Shower Curtain

    Purple Christmas Shower Curtain

    Purple Christmas Shower CurtainThis beautiful Christmas Shower Curtain is made from a company called Ambesonne on Amazon.

    The Design is Christmas Tree Decorations with Tinsel and Purple Christmas Balls.

    The Fabric is Polyester and comes with it’s own set of hooks.If you want something more festive you can always change their hooks to one of our Christmas Shower curtain hooks or a simple purple shower curtain hook.

    Colors are Purple, Grey, and Green. It comes in 3 sizes: 69” W x 70” L, 69” W x 75” L, and 69” W x 84” L




    Purple and Gold Eastern Oriental Shower Curtain

    Bohemian Style Purple Christmas Shower Curtain

    Although this is not a traditional Christmas Shower Curtain, it could easily be used for one. With its rich purple and gold eastern oriental look it gives a more bohemian vibe to the bathroom.

    You can easily pair this up with accessories of purple or gold and it would work nicely.

    The measurements are the same as the Christmas Shower Curtain above:

    It comes in 3 sizes: 69” W x 70” L, 69” W x 75” L, and 69” W x 84” L





    Purple Merry Christmas Shower Curtain


    This particular purple Christmas Shower Curtain comes with it’s own matching bathmat.










    Purple Snowman Shower Curtain


    If you’re looking for something more whimsical, this cute little snowman on a purple background might just be your style.












    If your Shower Curtain is not long enough, you can lower your shower curtain rod a little bit. Obviously, this works best if you are using a moveable Tension Shower Curtain Rod. (read our article on Shower Curtain Rods and Rails)

    Another alternative to lengthen your Shower Curtain is to use Longer shower Curtain Hooks like these:

    long shower curtain hooks




    Christmas Bathroom Decorating Tips & Tricks

    To save money on your Christmas Decorating, you may just use the shower curtain you have now and change to more seasonal Christmas accessories. Example, If your bathroom already has a plain Purple Shower Curtain, just add some Christmas bathroom towels, rugs and other Christmas accessories.

    Step 2: Choose Your Bathroom Towels

    When choosing your Christmas Bathroom Towels you have many choices. You can choose something that is really a Christmas traditional design or go for something more whimsical. Another alternative is to use solid bathroom towels and let your Christmas Bathroom Accessories such a rugs and Christmas decorations do their part.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Purple Bathroom Towels

    Purple Bathroom Towel Snowman

    This is a really cute whimsical Christmas Hand towel. It measures 11″ x 17″. Something like this could be used as is, or you could top it over regular purple bathroom towels to add that Christmas look to the bathroom.





    Solid Colored Turkish Towels

    Purple Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

    This set of Turkish Bathroom Towels comes in a set of 4.

    It includes 4 Bath Towels (27 Inch X 54 Inch), They are made of 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton for Extra Softness.

    The Hems are doubled and have been stitched to maximize their durability.





    Gold Colored Christmas Bathroom Towels

    Gold Bathroom Towels for Christmas

    If you have decided to go with the purple oriental Christmas shower curtain for your purple bathroom, then gold bathroom towels will be a perfect addition.

    Elegant and soft, these bathroom towels can be used all year round.






    Step 3: Choose Bathroom Accessories

    Choosing purple bathroom accessories to go with you Holiday bathroom curtains is exciting. There are so many things you can choose from and finding the perfect mix is as easy as using your imagination.

    Acrylic Diamond Accessories Décor Purple

    This is a great set for Christmas or any time of the year.

    The bling gives it that added Christmas feel but it goes well any time of the year.

    This is a very limited quantity so act fast if you want it.

    Simply click on the picture and you will be able to find more info and can purchase it.





    Purple and Chrome Bathroom Accessory Set

    This is also a lovely set and quite glamorous with its chrome etched design. Silver and Purple are also a nice combination.

    The set is made of acrylic so its easy to clean and can be used for Christmas or any time of year.





    Mosaic Glass Accessories

    Mosaic Glass Luxury Bathroom Accessory Set

    Silver is another color that mixes extremely well with Purple. If you weren’t able to order the purple set with the bling, then you might want to snatch this set up.







    Gold Bathroom Accessories Set in Crystal

    5 Piece Bathroom Accessories with Ice Crystals in Gold Design. Both Silver and Gold go well with a Purple Christmas Bathroom Theme. Because Purple denotes Royalty, it is common to find either Silver or Gold as accent colors.

    The ice crystals designed in this piece give it the perfect festive look for Christmas but can also be used all year long to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.




    Miscellaneous Christmas Bathroom Accessories

    Purple Flameless Luxury Candles SetPurple Flameless Luxury Candles Set

    These beautiful flameless wax candles would add a lovely ambiance to your Purple Christmas Bathroom Theme. With their realistic flicker, you can even set these up before the guests arrive. The soft glow would be seen even before they turn on the bathroom light.

    This would also make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list, so keep that in mind and order 2 sets.


    Adding any Purple Christmas Themed decorations around the bathroom will enhance the purple theme that you are trying to achieve.

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    The Nautical Themed Bathroom

    Nautical Themed Bathroom Pic



    The Nautical Themed Bathroom is much darker than the previous mentioned beach bathroom theme.

    Unlike the fun, whimsical feelings of the beach themed bathroom, or the more relaxing Coastal Theme Bathroom, The Nautical Themed Bathroom is all about Adventure.

    When considering a nautical themed bathroom, we envision things such as Lighthouses, Anchors, Ships/Boats, Buoys, Fishing Nets, Oars, and other accessories associated with an Ocean Theme or Sea type style.

    If you see anything that interests you, simply click on the picture and it will bring you to Amazon where you can see the latest info and pricing.






    Nautical Themed Bathroom Color Choices:

    For a nautical bathroom theme, the colors will be darker and more intense than what we used in a beach or coastal theme. Here the colors will be noticeably deeper so as to give the impression of a marine feel.

    Colors for the Nautical bathroom are the colors of Navy Blue, Red, White and perhaps some bright yellow. This is not the place for any pastels or light colors or accessories. The white is the only color we would really consider light and it is there to accentuate the dark colors of the navy blue, red or bright yellow. Some green can be acceptable but that color would be better used in a marine/ocean themed bathroom. (We talk more about that here)

    Depending on the light sources in your bathroom, you may want to keep the walls white to keep it looking brighter and use the other colors as accents. If you like the idea of a darker underground feel, then painting the walls navy will give this effect. Many people will have an accent wall in navy or red and keep the rest white. This is totally dependent on your preferences.

    Nautical Theme Shower Curtains :

    The bathroom shower curtain is generally the first thing that will attract your attention when entering the room so it is always a good idea to make certain that the shower curtain you choose will convey the feeling of the theme that you wish to evoke.

    Here are a few examples that will hopefully help you in deciding the look you are going for.

    Nautical Themed Lighthouse Shower Curtain


    This is a lovely example for a bathroom shower curtain if you are going for a Nautical Theme. The darker night sky against the red and white of the lighthouse is a perfect setting for your nautical theme.

    The colors of Navy, Red and White are naturals for this type of Bathroom Decorating Scheme.








    Ghost Ship Clouds Nautical Shower Curtain

    This Ghost Ship Theme is also a great choice for a Nautical Bathroom Theme. It is reminiscent of old Pirate ships lost in the night.

    As you can see, the Nautical Bathroom Theme can incorporate anything from Coastal Lighthouses or conjuring up Pirate Ship Adventures.







    Ship in Storm Nautical Shower Curtain


    Here we have a ship in a storm. This is another good nautical themed bathroom shower curtain for your bathroom theme. It reminds me again of a pirate type theme which might be great in a kids bathroom.







    Nautical Theme Bathroom Shower Curtain Anchors


    This particular Nautical themed shower curtain actually comes in a set so you can get the bathmats and toilet seat cover to match.









    lighthouse starfish nautical shower curtain


    This Lighthouse/Starfish Theme is both Coastal, as well as Nautical. With it’s navy blue and white colors it will fit a nautical themed bathroom very nicely.











    navy red yellow boats nautical shower curtain

    This also is a nautical themed shower curtain and focuses more on sailing. It’s another lovely choice for a nautical bathroom with this red/white/navy with yellow accents. This gives the bathroom a whimsical feeling.

    Your color choices for the walls and accessories can be any one of these colors.


    When choosing your color scheme, remember to always purchase your shower curtain first so you can match up the colors more precisely.





    Navy Boats Nautical Shower Curtain


    If you like the idea of the sailing boats but prefer a little less color, this Navy, White and Grey Nautical Shower Curtain may be more in style with what you want.








    Nautical Stripes Shower Curtain

    Here is a more traditional approach to your Nautical themed Bathroom.

    Navy and White Stripes is always a good choice for a nautical themed bathroom and can easily be accessorized. These nautical bathroom accessories below would go perfectly with your theme.

    Nautical Bathroom Accessories set








    6 Piece Navy Blue towels for nautical theme







    Nautical Shower Curtain Red White Blue

    Red, White and Blue is another common color combination for a Nautical Themed Bathroom.

    Again it can be accessorized very easily to give you the ambiance you want. These red, white and blue bathroom towels below, would go very nicely with this nautical shower curtain.

    You could use red, white, navy or even yellow bathroom accessories to accent your Nautical Themed Bathroom.





    yellow nautical bath towelsBurgundy Nautical Bath Towel







    Lighthouses and Anchor Shower Curtain



    Red, White and Blue Lighthouses with anchors is another lovely choice for a Nautical Themed Bathroom.









    Red Anchor Nautical Shower Curtain


    Here again is the typical red, white and navy Nautical Shower Curtain.

    As you can see, your choices are varied when it comes to choosing the style of Bathroom Shower Curtain that would look good in your Nautical Themed Bathroom.








    How to Accessorize Your Nautical Bathroom:

    When it comes to accessorizing your nautical bathroom there are endless choices. Anything that reminds you of lighthouses, anchors, buoys, pirate ships or basic stripes will go well. Below are a few accessories that you might want to consider when planning your bathroom make-over.

    Nautical Shower Curtain Hooks

    anchor nautical shower curtain hooks

    anchor nautical shower curtain hooks sample









    Nautical Theme Bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks










    Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor:

    When it comes to Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor, choose things that depict such as Ship Wheels, Lighthouses, Anchors, Buoys, Fishing Nets etc. and you can’t go wrong.

    Nautical Wheel Bathroom Wall Decor









    Rope Mirrors are another good idea for Nautical Themed Wall Decor

    square rope Nautical mirrorOval Rope Mirror









    Rope is always a good addition to the Nautical Themed Bathroom. Perhaps you might consider adding some Nautical Rope Cabinet Handles as a little finishing detail.

    nautical rope cabinet knobs







    Other Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories:

    anchor nautical toilet paper holder

    What about adding this unique ships anchor toilet paper holder for a little something extra?








    Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories


    Adding Nautical Themed Bathroom Accessories, such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap dishes, tissue boxes and waste baskets often complete the look for Nautical themed bathrooms.


    Navy Waste Basket









    Nautical Bath mat



    Lighthouse Nautical Themed Bath Mat





    Lighthouse Nautical Soap Pump



    Lighthouse Nautical Soap Dispenser






    Lighthouse Nautical Toilet Brush Holder




    Lighthouse Nautical Toilet Brush Holder






    Shell Bathroom Accessores 3D


    This 4 piece 3D Bathroom Accessory set will look great in any water themed bathroom.







    Lighthouse on chair Nautical Bathroom Decor


    This is a cute little decorative addition to a Nautical Themed Bathroom. It’s quite small and yet very whimsical.






    We hope that this article has given you a few more ideas on how to decorate your Nautical Themed Bathroom. If you would like to see more of our suggestions for water themed bathrooms please be sure to visit our other articles:

    The Beach Themed Bathroom

    The Coastal Themed Bathroom

    shower curtains plus team








  • Beach Themed Bathroom,  Shower Curtains

    Beach Themed Bathrooms

    Beach Themed Bathroom

    Your Beach Themed Bathroom doesn’t have to be like all the rest. Everyone wants to be unique so let yourself find your own Beach Styled Theme for your own bathroom.

    When it comes to choosing a Beach Themed Bathroom you might want to consider some of the similarities between other bathroom ideas with a water theme.

    We like to split the water themed bathrooms into three categories:

    1. The Beach Themed Bathroom
    2. The Coastal Themed Bathroom
    3. The Nautical Themed Bathroom




    Water Themed Bathrooms

    What is it that differentiates the three water themed bathrooms?

    Although there are many similarities such as sand, water, blue skies, and sun, there are other things that make them different.

    The Beach Theme Bathroom

    Beach Themed Picture of Sand Bucket

    As we noted, although the beach themed bathroom will incorporate the bathroom colors of sand, water, blue skies and sunshine it is different from the others in some ways. This is how we see the differences in characteristics.

    When we think of the beach, many will not only conjure up images of peaceful relaxation.

    Some people love the beach for the fun times that they have when they are there.

    They remember things such as playing Volleyball, or making sandcastles, surfing and riding on inflated tire tubes. The sounds of splashing, laughing and little children squealing and of course, Flip Flops, are just some of the things that mean “Beach” to them.

    This type of person would seek out a brighter, more fun style or playful approach to their Beach Themed Bathroom. (more about this later)

    The Coastal Theme Bathroom

    Coastal Bathroom Theme Picture

    The Coastal Themed Bathroom is similar to the Beach themed Bathroom except that it would incorporate softer hues. Here you would find softer blues and perhaps peach colored or beige sand colored bathroom decor.

    We talk about this bathroom theme in more detail in our other article

    The Coastal Bathroom Theme“.



    The Nautical Theme Bathroom

    Nautical Theme Bathroom Lighthouse


    For the Nautical Themed Bathroom you would decorate in Bathroom Colors of Dark Blue/Navy, White and perhaps some red or yellow.

    This theme is for those who want a more ocean type feel. Here you would find things such as Anchors, Lighthouses, Nautical Ropes, Buoys, Ships Wheels and Compasses etc. (Think of Pirates and maps)

    You can read more on the Nautical Themed Bathroom under its own article called “The Nautical Themed Bathroom




    Now that you know that different styles of Water Themed Bathroom Decor, let’s concentrate on the “Beach Theme Bathroom”

    The Beach Themed Bathroom

    Beach Theme Bathroom Shower Curtains

    For the more fun and playful beach theme we want to have the bathroom shower curtains to invoke a bright, whimsical feeling. We want a certain boldness to the beach themed bathroom that we will not encounter in the other bathroom themes.

    Here are a few ideas that you might like to consider:

    Beach Theme Chairs on the Sandy Beach

    These beach chairs add a fun bit of color to the bathroom and yet is still relaxing. Can you imagine yourself sitting in one of these chairs at the beach? Of course, you can.

    These can be purchased through Amazon by simply clicking on the pic. That will take you to more information and buying options.

    This is just one of many ideas we can use for our beach theme.




    Another cheerful bathroom shower curtain can be in a flip flops theme such as the ones below:

    Beach Theme Shower Curtain Flip Flops

    This particular beach themed shower curtain even has with a matching clock that you can purchase separately

    Beach Theme Flip Flop Clock







    Just Add Some Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks and you’ve made yourself a Beach Bathroom Shower Curtain Set.Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks Rings









    Imagine sitting on the dock of the bay sipping a lovely cold drink and dipping your toes into some clear cool water. This Beach Themed Bathroom Shower Curtain will have you feeling the vibe in no time.

    Beach Decor Theme Shower CurtainThis shower curtain also has a matching bath bat that can be purchased separately.

    Beach Themed Flip Flop Bath Mat








    Either of these items can be purchased by clicking on the pic. This will bring you to more information and buying options from Amazon.


    Island Beach Shower Curtain


    Perhaps you would prefer something more placid such as this bathroom shower curtain with a view of the water lapping onto the beach.

    This particular bathroom shower curtain could be used with any of the water themes we are talking about.

    (Click on pics for more information.)





    Beach Bathroom Themed Sets

    There are many bathroom accessories that you can buy on Amazon that will complete your Beach Bathroom Theme but here is one that you might like that has many matching bathroom accessories already picked out for you.

    This particular set is called “Beach Words”.

    Beach Words Shower Curtain

    Beach Word Bathroom Accessories can be purchased separately to make a completed theme for your bathroom.

    For example: These matching beach theme shower curtain hooks

    Beach Words Shower Curtain Hooks








    This Beach Words Bathroom shower curtain set also has a matching Lotion Pump dispenser, Soap Dish, Toothbrush holder and Waste Basket.

    Beach Theme Lotion PumpBeach Words Soap DishBeach Theme Bathroom Toothbrush Holder








    Beach Theme Bathroom Waste Basket

    Any of these beautiful Bathroom Accessories would probably fit in well no matter which Beach Themed Shower Curtain you choose.







    More Beach Style Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Not all Beach Themed Bathroom Shower Curtains comes as a set, but that need not stop you from pulling it all together with other Beach Bathroom Decor to make it look like it all goes together.

    Here are some shower curtain hooks that might go well with any shower curtain you choose, if you keep the theme to beach style and the colors harmonize.

    Beach Theme Shower Curtain Hooks

    Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks








    Light Colored Flip Flop Shower Curtain Hooks


    No matter which Bathroom Theme you are trying to create, there are so many options for bathroom accessories. Just be sure to choose your bathroom accessories to match the coloring of your shower curtain.





    Beach Bathroom Wall Decor

    By adding some beach bathroom wall decor here and there we can help to bring the look together even more.

    Flip Flop Beach is my Happy Place Wall DecorBeach Theme Wall Decor









    Beach is My Happy Place








    Beach Bath Towels

    No Beach Themed Bathroom would be complete without some nice beach themed bath towels.

    Beach Themed Bath Towels Beach TowelsStriped Beach Bath Towel








    Depending on how elaborate you want your decorating in the beach theme bathroom to go you might like to try a few of these additional ideas.

    Beach Ball Cabinet Door Knob

    If your beach bathroom decorating budget is low, you might just add some beach ball cabinet drawer knobs such as this one below. It’s cute and whimsical and would go nicely with the beach towels we showed you before.






    Beach Bathroom Vanities

    If your beach theme bathroom decorating budget is higher you may want to make more changes such as adding a new beach bathroom Vanity such as the one below.

    Beach Themed Bathroom Vanity





    (This item is currently unavailable)






    Beach Bathroom Theme Mirror


    The Vanity above would look lovely with a beach bathroom styled mirror such as this.






    Rustic Blue Beach Bathroom Vanity



    If you prefer a beach bathroom vanity with it’s own matching mirror you might prefer something like this one.


    The company that makes these lovely Bathroom Vanities have many different colors and styles that would suit any bathroom makeover. You can visit “The Benton Collection” by clicking on the underlined link.







    Beach Bathroom Flooring Ideas

    If money allows, you may want to change up your bathroom floor to make it look more beach like. The following suggestions below can also work for your Coastal Theme Bathroom or Nautical Bathroom.

    One Choice is To Use Bathroom Floor Tile:

    Sea Green Beach Bathroom Pebble Flooring

    This is a beautiful tile and would great in any beach themed bathroom. Some people tile the whole floor, others have tried tiling the shower floor itself with good results.

    Everybody loves this tile and say that it looks exactly like a pebbled beach.

    If you are not particularly into tiles then perhaps you might try some nice Vinyl flooring.





    Another Choice for Your Beach Themed Bathroom is Vinyl Flooring:

    Beach themed Bathroom Floors


    This beautiful Beach Themed Flooring is a lovely arrangement of various tones to give it a beach type feel. It is Waterproof and easy to apply. It would be a great addition to your bathroom.






    Below is a sample for a closer look.

    Beach Themed Vinyl Flooring









    Beach Themed Bathroom Wallpaper/Tiles

    If you like the beach wood effect, then you may also like this self adhesive beach wood wall film. You can see it here behind the distressed bureau/chest.

    Beach Theme Wallpaper

    Here is another sample pic of it:

    Beach Themed Wallpaper

    This comes in a roll that measures 17.71″ x 78″ and can be applied with the pattern going up and down or side to side. It all depends on the look you are going for. This is a fun DIY project if you enjoy doing it yourself.









    If you prefer Peel and Stick Wall Tiles then this may be more in line with what you want. These are Peel and Stick Wall Tiles that would go well in any Beach Themed Bathroom, whether it be a Coastal Theme Bathroom or a Nautical Themed Bathroom.

    Beach Theme Peel and Stick Tile

    Each sheet is 12.2 by 12.2 inches, six sheets covering approx. 6.2 sq.ft. BeausTile sheet has a transparent and smooth glasslike tile surfaces gives your home interior a stylish accent on plain walls.







    There are so many ways to decorate your beach themed bathroom, and we hope you have enjoyed our ideas. If you did, why not click and send this article to PINTEREST. We would appreciate it if you did 🙂

    For More Bathroom Decorating Ideas We Recommend This Book:

    Bathroom Decorating Ideas Book









    shower curtains plus team





  • Farmhouse Bathroom Theme,  Farmhouse Style,  Shower Curtains

    The Farmhouse Style Bathroom

    Don’t live in a Farmhouse? Well don’t let that stop your from adding some lovely Farmhouse Décor to your home. Many people are doing bathroom makeovers and the current trend is Farmhouse style.

    What is “Farmhouse Décor” Style?

    Farmhouse Bathroom Theme Shower curtain














    The Farmhouse Style has developed over the last few years as people were looking for simpler ways to live their lives. With the advance of minimalism, people are turning towards a more natural, easy-going environment.

    When it comes to home decorating, which include the bathroom décor, they want to return to the more simplistic times. They don’t want a lot of busy décor themes. Many people now are wanting to embrace old traditions of the days gone by down on the farm.

    The simplicity of it all makes them feel more relaxed.

    Mind you, the Farmhouse Style isn’t for everybody, but for those of you dreaming of long forgotten memories of the days gone past then, this would be a good bathroom decorating style for you.

    What Categorizes it as Farmhouse Décor?

    How to Decorate in the Famhouse Theme











    • Neutral Color Schemes
    • Natural Textures and Materials
    • Wood and Reclaimed Wood
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Slightly Rustic Appearance
    • Chicken Wire
    • Distressed Furniture
    • Antiques
    • Barnboard or Bead Board
    • Wrought Iron Accents
    • Wooden or Planked Flooring
    • Vintage Type Accessories

    How to Put Your Bathroom Ideas Together:

    Choose Your Color

    First, consider your color scheme. Because Farmhouse style is based on light, neutral colors, you may want to keep it to Beige, White, Cream, Grey or even a light Sage.

    Use Natural Textures and Materials

    Farmhouse Décor doesn’t generally have much color. It gets it’s calming effect by keeping things neutral so look for Shower Curtains and Accessories with a variety of texture.

    White Ruffled Farmhouse Shower Curtain










    This lovely ruffled Farmhouse Themed Shower Curtain above would fit in perfectly with a Farmhouse decorated bathroom.

    Perhaps you would prefer something like our Piping Farmhouse Shower Curtain with Ticking here below. It also has a matching Duvet set for the bedroom, but sadly, these particular items are not  available from Amazon at this time.

    Farmhouse Shower Curtain with Ticking
    This item is no longer available
    Piper Ticking Strip Duvet
    This item is not available at this time










    Due to popular demand many of the Farmhouse Shower Curtains are being sold quickly. Below is a search from Amazon for Farmhouse Shower Curtains and hopefully you can find one before they are all gone 🙁

    Did you notice:

    The wooden ladder in the corner of the bathroom in the picture above? This is a very attractive way to hang your towels farmhouse fashion. You can even have them in a custom wood if you like.

    farmhouse ladder for towels

    At this present moment, there are people on Amazon who will make you a farmhouse ladder for your towels. They can be 3 step, 4 step or 5 step…Easily customized.

    Click on the image of the ladder to take you to the place you can find more information.

    Many people who are making custom ladders may offer you a choice of custom wood. Be sure to ask when you order.

    custom wood finishes



    Custom built ladders









    Farmhouse Country Patchwork Shower Curtain

    If you would prefer a more Country Style Farmhouse Bathroom, this patchwork shower curtain may appeal to you.







    Rustic Farmhouse Shower Curtain



    This Rustic Style wood planked shower curtain may appeal to you if you’re looking for a more Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme. It is made of Turkish fabric and is a very unique addition to any farmhouse bathroom.





    Farmhouse Darla Shower Curtain

    This Farmhouse, Darla Shower Curtain is truly a beauty! It’s 100% polyester and would look wonderful in any farmhouse bathroom.

    (This item is presently unavailable)






    Wood and Reclaimed Wood

    As we mentioned, there is a lot of wood in a farmhouse style bathroom.

    Farmhouse Apron Sink

    Often, an apron sink is set on a wooden cabinet and there are touches of wood in various other parts of the bathroom such as signage or open shelves.




    Farmhouse Flooring

    Farmhouse Vinyl Floors


    Farmhouse style floors are usually covered in wood or reclaimed wood.

    If you can’t afford real wood then you might consider installing a vinyl, waterproof floor instead of the real thing. Wood floors can be expensive so vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative.Rustic Barn Flooring Choices

    There are many different variations on Rustic Barn Flooring, so you are not limited in your choices.




    Rustic Barn Flooring

    Other Ways to Add Wood Finishes to Your Farmhouse Bathroom

    There are all kinds of ways to add wood finishes to your bathroom. Many use Wainscotting or Shiplap, while other may use barn boards like the pic below.

    Farmhouse ShiplackNautral Mixed Panelling Farmhouse


    Peel and Stick Farmhouse Wallpaper


    If you’re looking for a cheaper way to do a wood finish you might like something like this: Believe it or not, this is actually just peel and stick.

    How much easier can it get than that!


    I wouldn’t use this on the shower wall as it would get too wet, but on the other walls in the bathroom it should be fine


    Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

    Speaking of wood, let’s not forget about your Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity. There are many models to choose from and of course you can decide whether you want a single sink vanity or double sink. It all depends on the size of your household, the size of your budget and your budget.

    Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Distressed Blue

    Here is a lovely blue distressed wood vanity with a single sink. Remember, we said that Farmhouse style has distressed wood to give it that old home feel.






    Weathered Oak Farmhouse Vanity


    If you need something for a smaller bathroom perhaps this would be better for you.

    There are many choices when it comes to choosing a Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity.

    Fortunately, there are enough vanities for your bathroom to suit your needs.

    Personal preference is what it all comes down to so be sure to check out our other Bathroom vanities and see if there is something you like.

    If you wish to check out other Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities, you can click on this Link.


    White Farmhouse Barn Door Vanity









    Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

    Farmhouse Vanity Lights







    Farmhouse Vanity Light

    Farmhouse Vanity Lights are usually made of metal and have an old time vibe to them.

    Farmhouse Mason Jar Lighting

    Some people like to use industrial lighting and some like the mason jar lights.

    If you would prefer a bar type lighting fixture, this one below, will probably fit your fancy.

    Farmhouse Bar Lighting Fixture


    More Farmhouse Bathroom lighting can be found by clicking this LINK.





    Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

    Farnhouse Fresh Soap and Water Wall Decor

    There are so many ways to accessorize the Farmhouse bathroom. Everything from Farmhouse Rugs, wall decor, wicker baskets or galvanized pans to place toiletries in. There is so much to choose from.



    Farmhouse bathroom accessories can be made of various textures such as stone, wicker, rattan, chicken wire, galvanized steel, etc.

    Farmhouse Chicken Wire Toilet Paper HolderRemember to try and keep things simple and natural. You want your Farmhouse bathroom to feel like it’s in tune with nature.


    Farmhouse Toothbrush Holder

    Farmhouse Soap Dish








    Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

    Farmhouse Boxed Sign








    Farmhouse Toiletries CaddyFarmhouse Soap Holder


    Farmhouse wood Shelves
















    We hope you have enjoyed our Farmhouse Decor Ideas. Why not give your bathroom décor a spruce-up and go for the Farmhouse Style for a warm, rich and relaxing atmosphere.

    For more Farmhouse Decor Ideas you can try looking at AMAZON for more fun things.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Don’t forget to share it if you liked this article.

    p.s. For a fun DIY why not paint some mason jars for your Farmhouse Bathroom? (you can also put a pump in it if you want to use it for lotion or soap) YouTube Video on how to paint them here:

    If you don’t have time for DIY you can buy some. Just click on the pic.

    Farmhouse Mason Jars for Bathroom






    Be sure to check out our Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Theme Page

    shower curtains plus team







  • Shower Curtain Liners,  Shower Curtain Material,  Shower Curtains

    Which Bathroom Shower Curtain Material is The Best? Part 2

    In Part I of our discussion, we took a look at the various fabric shower curtains and the pros and cons of the most popular selections. In Part II of this discussion we are going to look at some of the plastic shower curtains and their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s begin…

    Peva Shower Curtain with Dog








    Vinyl Shower Curtains

    I am sure that many of you are aware of the controversy that has come up regarding the use of vinyl shower curtains in the home. This is definitely not on any of the lists of Eco Friendly Products.

    The problem is centered on PVC, also known as “Polyvinyl chloride”. The awful smell that comes out when you first open the package containing the PVC Vinyl, is very strong. This is due to the compounds that are used in the manufacturing of this particular product, particularly phthalates.

    Phthalates seem to be the worst culprits and are used in more products than you could probably realize. This chemical is responsible for making plastics softer, so that they become more flexible. This is the main chemical that is bringing concern about the vinyl shower curtains. It is believed that it is one of the strongest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) found in Vinyl.

    Some people think that it’s much ado about nothing, thinking that the excitement is over-exaggerated. Considering that phthalates are directly pumped into our bloodstream via the medical UV bags, and are found in so many products, having a vinyl shower curtain is not going to make a big difference.

    Considering the alternatives, with regards to shower curtains, they would rather purchase something they know works. Others, of course, feel differently. They feel that the less phthalates in the home, the better it is for us. Really, it is a decision that only you can make.

    Because vinyl shower curtains are the best when it comes to repelling water and keeping it in the tub, many manufacturers are now offering vinyl alternatives such as PEVA and EVA.

    PEVA Shower Curtains

    PEVA Shower Curtain Eco Friendly






    PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate (PVA). PEVA shower curtains do not contain the chlorinated molecules like PVC’s, found in the older vinyl shower curtains, and therefore this makes it a much safer choice when it comes to choosing a plastic shower curtain. Because PEVA is non-chlorinated this is the perfect option and considered environmentally friendly.

    EVA Shower Curtains

    A lot of people want to know what the difference is between EVA Shower Curtains and PEVA Shower Curtains. EVA stands for Ethylene vinyl acetate. Neither of these plastics contain the toxic PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) found in the old vinyl shower curtains.

    Although these plastic shower curtains are made from petroleum they have a very low toxicity level. Both of these are considered vinyl shower curtains although some prefer to call them plastic, so as not to get confused with the old PVC shower curtains.

    EVA Shower Curtain








    The Pros of Vinyl Shower Curtains

    • Vinyl Shower Curtains are Generally Thick, and Durable
    • The Material is Soft and Pleasant to Touch
    • They are Long Lasting
    • They Come in A Variety of Colors and Patterns     Including Clear and Opaque
    • Their Color Doesn’t Fade
    • They are NOT Prone to Mold or Mildew
    • They are Easy to Clean
    • They are Very Low Maintenance
    • They are Inexpensive Shower Curtains
    • They Can Be Used As a Shower Curtain or a Shower Curtain Liner
    • Their Strength Stops Water In The Shower From Leaking Out Onto the Floor
    • Because They Repel Water, They Protect Your Outer Curtain if You Are Using One
    • Because of Their Durability and Strong Colors and Patterns They Are Perfect For a Kid’s Shower Curtain (or for those who are young at heart)
    • The Moisture From the Bath/Shower Will Not Affect the Vinyl
    • Vinyl Shower Curtains Come in a Large Variety of Sizes. More Than Any Other Shower Curtain (You can also cut them with a good pair of scissors if you need them shorter or narrower…Think RV Stalls.)
    • Purchase Vinyl Shower Curtains That Have Reinforced Rivets, or Grommets Along the Top. These Will Help Your Shower Curtain To Last Longer
    • They Contain Less VOC’s Than PVC Shower Curtains And Therefore Have Less Harmful Off-Gassing
    • Plastic Shower Curtains Make Great Shower Curtain Liners Because They Form a Great Barrier For the Water to Bounce Off of.
    • They Have No Known Association With Any Health Problems
    • Vinyl Shower Curtains Are Available in Different Thickness, Known as Gauges. The Thicker Gauges Will Not Blow in the Tub as readily as the Thinner Ones.

    The Cons of Vinyl Shower Curtains

    • If You Do Not Purchase Them With Reinforced Grommets They May Tear Easily
    • Because They Are Made With Petrochemicals Some Consider Them Only Semi-Green

    Healthy Shower Curtain PEVA









    Shower Curtain Liners

    Throughout our discussion of Shower Curtain Materials, we have often mentioned the need for a shower curtain liner. Now that we have come near the end of our discussion, I am sure you now understand our reasoning for suggesting shower curtain liners.

    Many people still prefer to try and find fabric shower curtain liners rather than use vinyl, but as you have seen, they do not do the job properly and you may end up spending money you wish you hadn’t.

    We realize that there are people on the Internet that say that they don’t have a problem not using a vinyl shower curtain liner, but if you look more closely, you will find many who have found out the hard way just how difficult it is to shower with a fabric shower curtain liner. It really depends upon which shower head you are using.

    A Word About Shower Heads

    Fabric Shower Curtain Liners will probably work well if you are only using a water saving shower head, or one of the newer rainfall shower heads that gently sprinkle the water. But most people we know, prefer to have a strong, pulsating stream coming out of their shower head, like you can find with high pressure shower heads. Many like to use hand held shower heads to get closer to their scalp for a good washing. In cases where the water is coming out strongly it will go through your fabric shower curtain liners or shower curtains.

    Shower Curtain Effect (Shower Curtain Blow-Ins)

    Another problem with fabric shower curtain liners is that they tend to blow into the tub much more readily than vinyl shower curtain liners. If you have ever experienced this blow in effect, you will know how frustrating it can be, especially if you have soap in your eyes when it happens.

    We realize this can happen with vinyl shower curtain liners also, but if you purchase the thicker gauge liners it will help. The weight will help to keep the liner down instead of blowing around.

    Many Shower Curtain Liners can be purchased with magnets on the bottom, which will help the liner cling more readily to the tub rather than your body.


    • We have heard that if you leave a small opening at the back of the shower, this will allow more air to circulate which may lessen the effect of blow in. Just be careful that it is not open too much as to let water out onto the floor.
    • Other people have suggested using weights to anchor the shower curtain liner around the tub. They usually use things like shampoo or body soaps to hold things down. This might be something you could try.
    • Another trick is to open the window and turn on the fan to allow ventilation into the room while you shower. This should help immensely.

    Faux Silk Embroidered Shower Curtain









    Should I Keep My Shower Curtain Open or Closed?

    This is a question that is asked often, and the answer is simple. A Shower Curtain is usually purchased as a decorative accent to the bathroom. Although it serves as a necessary barrier for the water, it also has this decorative element to it.
    Add to this, the fact that the shower curtain may get a little wet when using the shower and you will have the answer.

    If you leave the shower curtain open when it is wet, the moisture will tend to stay longer within the folds that are made by closing it. This will cause more moisture in the bathroom as well as attract mildew to form.

    By leaving your shower curtain closed after the shower you allow the curtain to dry more quickly and have the added benefit of looking at your lovely bathroom the way you designed it to be.

    shower curtains plus team






  • Shower Curtain Material,  Shower Curtains

    Which Bathroom Shower Curtain Material is The Best? Part 1

    When it comes to choosing a new bathroom shower curtain, finding the right one can often become a challenge. Not only do you have to consider the bathroom theme ideas that you want to create, you must further decide which shower curtain material will suit your needs and budget. You will also have to consider whether you want to use a shower curtain liner, which we strongly suggest that you purchase.

    The Purpose of Your Shower Curtain

    Black Shower Curtain


    Shower Curtains are a basic necessity unless you choose to go with Shower Screens. The advantage of using a shower curtain is that it can define the theme of your bathroom decor especially if they are the focal point when entering your bathroom.

    Shower curtains come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles which will make it easy to coordinate with other bathroom accessories, no matter what bathroom decor theme you are going for.



    Once you have decided on which shower curtain material to use, and your bathroom decor theme, then it is only necessary to make sure that your shower curtain will fulfill its purpose:

    1. You Want Your Shower Curtain to Provide You With Some Privacy
    2. You Want Your Shower Curtain To Keep Water Off Of The Floor
    3. You Want Your Shower Curtain To Be Easy To Care For

    Shower Curtain Material

    There are many different types of material that can be used for shower curtains. Your choice will be dependent on your budget and the kind of shower curtain arrangement that you want.

    The majority of people prefer to have a two part system with the shower curtain on the outside of the tub and a shower curtain liner on the inside.

    Using this type of system allows you to have many more choices in your shower curtain material. However, many materials will not keep the water off of your floor and that will definitely require you to use a shower curtain liner to take care of the problem.

    There are many fabric shower curtains that have their pros and cons that might deter you from purchasing them, but remember that a shower curtain liner will probably be able to take care of many of those issues.

    We are now going to look at the various materials that can be used for shower curtains.

    We will be looking at fabric, also known as Textiles, which include fabric or cloth etc. Shower curtain fabric can include man-made, synthetic fabrics as well as natural organic options.

    What Shower Curtain Material is the Best Part 1









    Fabric Shower Curtains Can Include:

    Later, in Part II, we will also look at Vinyl Shower Curtains such as Vinyl, PEVA and EVA.  So let’s get started!

    Fabric Shower Curtains

    Satin Shower Curtain Material


    You Can Make Your Own Satin Shower Curtains by Purchasing Material Yourself for a Custom Made One of a Kind Shower Curtain.





    A fabric shower curtain can be made from such a vast array of textiles. When buying fabric shower curtains, there are many varieties to choose from. With a little imagination, you can probably think up more fabric types to use. For instance, Fabric Shower Curtains can be:

    Your preferences will probably be dependent on how easily they can be cleaned and the price range.

    For example: a Silk Shower Curtain would look luxurious in a bathroom, but when you consider that it is more expensive, it’s dry clean only, and tends to get water spots easily, you may reconsider faux silk as a choice for you.

    In order to determine which fabric shower curtain is best for you, you just have to consider the Pros and Cons and base your final decision on those.

    The Fabric Shower Curtain Options We Want to Look at in Part 1

    • Polyester Shower Curtains
    • Cotton Shower Curtains
    • Linen Shower Curtains
    • Hemp Shower Curtains

    Synthetic Shower Curtains

    Synthetics are probably the most affordable when it comes to fabric shower curtain material. Some people may complain because they are man made, but they are extremely low in maintenance and stand up better than most of the natural alternatives.

    Synthetics are well noted for their water repellent properties which helps in avoiding mildew. (Mildew can cause health problems such as asthma and allergies)

    The majority of shower curtains on the market are made up of these man-made materials such as polyester and nylon, or a polyester/cotton mix.

    Polyester Shower Curtains

    Polyester Shower Curtain Polka Dots








    The Pros

    • Very Easy to Find and Purchase
    • Polyester Shower Curtains Have a Vast Array of Colors, Patterns and Styles to Suit Your Taste
    • They Are Reasonably Priced (Inexpensive)
    • They Are Generally Waterproof
    • They Have Aesthetic Appeal
    • They Are Resistant to Mildew
    • They Resist Creasing
    • They Resist Shrinking
    • They Are Easily Recyclable
    • They Are Not Flammable and Polyester Doesn’t Ignite Easily Like Many of the Natural, Untreated Fabrics Do.
    • They Can be Dried in the Dryer.
    • Polyester Shower Curtains Dry in a Flash Because it Doesn’t Absorb Moisture.

    The Cons

    • Polyester Doesn’t Feel as Luxurious as Natural Fabrics
    • It is Man Made, Synthetic
    • Not Considered as Eco-Friendly Products

    Natural Fabrics: Cotton & Linen Shower Curtains

    100% Cotton Shower Curtain Plaid








    100% Cotton Shower Curtain

    The Pros

    • Cotton Shower Curtains and Linen Showers Curtain are Natural Fabrics
    • Natural Fabrics, Such as Cotton and Linen, Come in a Vast Array of Colors, Prints, Weaves and Thicknesses
    • They Look More Luxurious
    • They Feel Softer Than Synthetics
    • They Often Come With Matching Towels
    • Considered Eco-Friendly Products

    The Cons

    • Cotton and Linen Shower Curtains are More Expensive Than Synthetics
    • They Are Not Water Repellent
    • They Absorb Water Very Quickly
    • They Don’t Dry Out Quickly
    • They Become Incubators For Mold and Mildew, (More So Than Hemp)
    • They Are Difficult To Care For
    • They Shrink Drastically If Not Washed and Dried Properly
    • They Must Be Hung To Dry, And They Take a Long Time To Dry
    • They Lack Any Defense Against Fungi, Bacteria and Unsightly Stains
    • Hard Water is a Big Problem Because it Leaves Brown Stains On The Curtain
    • You Will Need Good Ventilation in The Bathroom To Help Prevent Mildew (Mildew Causes Asthma and Allergies)
    • Cotton And Linen Crease Easily
    • Because These Absorb Water So Quickly, You Can Expect to Have A Lot Of Water On The Floor When You Get Out Of Your Shower. (A vinyl shower curtain liner will prevent this)
    • Natural Fabrics Are Much More Flammable Than Synthetic. Not Only Do They Ignite Readily, They Also Burn Much Faster Than Synthetic Curtains Do. (Not a Good Thing If You Like To Use Candles in the Bathroom)
    • Most Natural Fabrics are Coated With Waterproofing Of Some Kind So That They Won’t Soak Up So Much Water. If They Are Left Untreated They Would Be Useless, Unless You Had a Good Shower Curtain Liner To Stop The Water From Flooding Your Bathroom. (Note: Waterproofing Uses Chemicals)

    Hemp Shower Curtains

    Many people consider Hemp to be a much more Eco-friendly shower curtain than the other alternatives. Obviously, as you have already seen, there are pros and cons to every option that you need to take into consideration.

    Organic Hemp Shower Curtain









    Organic Hemp Shower Curtain

    The Pros

    • It is a Natural Shower Curtain
    • The Pesticides Used Are Lower Than With Cotton
    • The Fabric Is Made From The Plant Fibers
    • The Hemp Fabric is Stronger and Longer Lasting Than The Fabric Produced From Cotton
    • Its Weave is More Open Allowing For To Breath More Readily
    • It is Resistant To Both Mildew And Bacteria
    • Considered Eco-Friendly Products

    The Cons

    • It Will Absorb Water
    • You Will Need to Wring It Out And Wash It Frequently
    • It Deteriorates Quickly If You Leave It Wet So You Will Need To Care For It More Rigorously (Some people suggest you wash it every couple of days to keep it from degrading)
    • It Is Much More Expensive Than Synthetics (so if you are looking for inexpensive shower curtains these will be way above your budget)
    • You Will Get Water On Your Floor Unless You Use a Shower Curtain Liner

    A Word Regarding Eco-Friendly Products

    Regarding Cotton Shower Curtains

    When looking for an organic shower curtain, many feel that cotton shower curtains are one of the best choices because it is a natural product, as is Hemp, and uses less pesticides. If one considers the amount of water that is necessary to produce cotton, perhaps they might change their minds.

    According to the Environmental Justice Foundation in London, to produce only 1 kilogram of cotton (Enough for a T-shirt and pair of Jeans) it takes approximately 20,000 liters of water. This is causing a great ecological disaster in some cotton producing countries. For more info on this you can read: EJF (2012)The True Costs of Cotton: Cotton Production and Water Insecurity. Environmental Justice Foundation, London.You Can Download The Report Here:  EJF_Aral_report_cotton_net_ok

    Regarding Hemp Shower Curtains

    Although hemp is an organic material that is Eco-friendly, there are many manufacturers appearing on the market who want to jump on the ecological bandwagon. This of course, is for profit to make themselves more money. These unscrupulous dealers will use chemicals to grow and produce their hemp fabrics so that they can get them to the market more quickly.

    During the process of making the hemp similar in size and appearance, in a process known as water retting, the water runoff pollutes the body of water that they are using. This can cause environmental issues with the health of the neighboring areas.

    With all of the chemicals and solvents used by these unscrupulous people, the outcome is probably worse than using man-made synthetics.

    Natural Dyes

    Natural dyes are not as Eco-friendly as people would have you believe. It is true that synthetic dyes use chemicals to bond the color the fabric, but natural dyes will not bond to fabric unless the fabric has been treated in mordants. Most of these mordants are highly toxic and some natural dyes, such as Hematein which are derived from logwood are hazardous. Hematein is classified with a rating of 2 (where 0 is harmless and 4 is the maximum).

    Conclusion: Fabric Shower Curtains

    Before we go on to look at Vinyl Shower Curtains such as PEVA shower curtains and EVA shower curtains in part 2, Let’s take a moment to consider the pros and cons of fabric shower curtains once more.

    The Pros

    • Fabric Shower Curtains Look and Feel More Luxurious Than Plastics
    • They Can Give a More Formal Look To Your Bathroom
    • Come in Many Colors and Designs
    • They are Easy To Match With Your Decor
    • Many of the Fabric Shower Curtains are Washable in the Washing Machine (Especially polyester)

    The Cons

    • Fabric is More Expensive Than Plastics, Vinyl etc.
    • Many Fabric Shower Curtains are Heavier and May Need More Secure Hardware to Keep Them Up. Spring Loaded Curtain Rods, Probably Won’t Do The Trick.
    • They Will Need Washing Much More Often (with the exception of synthetics such as polyester)
    • They Attract Mold and Mildew
    • Many of Them Absorb and Retain Moisture. (This makes them heavy and a breeding ground for fungi, mildew and mold)
    • Unless You Have a Very Gentle Shower Head, Water Will Definitely Leak Onto the Bathroom Floor. (This can be solved with a shower curtain liner)
    • Many Fabric Shower Curtains are Treated to Waterproof Them and Help Them Resist Mildew. (These treatments do include chemicals)
    • Hard Water Will Leave Unsightly Brown Stains on Your Fabric Shower Curtain Unless You Use a Shower Curtain Liner.

    Please remember, many problems with fabric shower curtains can be solved with simply installing a proper shower curtain liner. This will protect your shower curtain and make the maintenance of Fabric Shower Curtains much less work.

    As you can see, fabric shower curtains are available in many different materials. You are certain to find the exact one that you want to make your bathroom decor theme come to life.

    Continue to Part II of our discussion on “Which Bathroom Shower Curtain is the Best?”


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