The Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Don’t live in a Farmhouse? Well don’t let that stop your from adding some lovely Farmhouse Décor to your home. Many people are doing bathroom makeovers and the current trend is Farmhouse style.

What is “Farmhouse Décor” Style?

Farmhouse Bathroom Theme Shower curtain














The Farmhouse Style has developed over the last few years as people were looking for simpler ways to live their lives. With the advance of minimalism, people are turning towards a more natural, easy-going environment.

When it comes to home decorating, which include the bathroom décor, they want to return to the more simplistic times. They don’t want a lot of busy décor themes. Many people now are wanting to embrace old traditions of the days gone by down on the farm.

The simplicity of it all makes them feel more relaxed.

Mind you, the Farmhouse Style isn’t for everybody, but for those of you dreaming of long forgotten memories of the days gone past then, this would be a good bathroom decorating style for you.

What Categorizes it as Farmhouse Décor?

How to Decorate in the Famhouse Theme











  • Neutral Color Schemes
  • Natural Textures and Materials
  • Wood and Reclaimed Wood
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Slightly Rustic Appearance
  • Chicken Wire
  • Distressed Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Barnboard or Bead Board
  • Wrought Iron Accents
  • Wooden or Planked Flooring
  • Vintage Type Accessories

How to Put Your Bathroom Ideas Together:

Choose Your Color

First, consider your color scheme. Because Farmhouse style is based on light, neutral colors, you may want to keep it to Beige, White, Cream, Grey or even a light Sage.

Use Natural Textures and Materials

Farmhouse Décor doesn’t generally have much color. It gets it’s calming effect by keeping things neutral so look for Shower Curtains and Accessories with a variety of texture.

White Ruffled Farmhouse Shower Curtain










This lovely ruffled Farmhouse Themed Shower Curtain above would fit in perfectly with a Farmhouse decorated bathroom.

Perhaps you would prefer something like our Piping Farmhouse Shower Curtain with Ticking here below. It also has a matching Duvet set for the bedroom, but sadly, these particular items are not  available from Amazon at this time.

Farmhouse Shower Curtain with Ticking

This item is no longer available

Piper Ticking Strip Duvet

This item is not available at this time










Due to popular demand many of the Farmhouse Shower Curtains are being sold quickly. Below is a search from Amazon for Farmhouse Shower Curtains and hopefully you can find one before they are all gone 🙁

Did you notice:

The wooden ladder in the corner of the bathroom in the picture above? This is a very attractive way to hang your towels farmhouse fashion. You can even have them in a custom wood if you like.

farmhouse ladder for towels

At this present moment, there are people on Amazon who will make you a farmhouse ladder for your towels. They can be 3 step, 4 step or 5 step…Easily customized.

Click on the image of the ladder to take you to the place you can find more information.

Many people who are making custom ladders may offer you a choice of custom wood. Be sure to ask when you order.

custom wood finishes



Custom built ladders









Farmhouse Country Patchwork Shower Curtain

If you would prefer a more Country Style Farmhouse Bathroom, this patchwork shower curtain may appeal to you.







Rustic Farmhouse Shower Curtain



This Rustic Style wood planked shower curtain may appeal to you if you’re looking for a more Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme. It is made of Turkish fabric and is a very unique addition to any farmhouse bathroom.





Farmhouse Darla Shower Curtain

This Farmhouse, Darla Shower Curtain is truly a beauty! It’s 100% polyester and would look wonderful in any farmhouse bathroom.

(This item is presently unavailable)






Wood and Reclaimed Wood

As we mentioned, there is a lot of wood in a farmhouse style bathroom.

Farmhouse Apron Sink

Often, an apron sink is set on a wooden cabinet and there are touches of wood in various other parts of the bathroom such as signage or open shelves.




Farmhouse Flooring

Farmhouse Vinyl Floors


Farmhouse style floors are usually covered in wood or reclaimed wood.

If you can’t afford real wood then you might consider installing a vinyl, waterproof floor instead of the real thing. Wood floors can be expensive so vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative.Rustic Barn Flooring Choices

There are many different variations on Rustic Barn Flooring, so you are not limited in your choices.




Rustic Barn Flooring

Other Ways to Add Wood Finishes to Your Farmhouse Bathroom

There are all kinds of ways to add wood finishes to your bathroom. Many use Wainscotting or Shiplap, while other may use barn boards like the pic below.

Farmhouse ShiplackNautral Mixed Panelling Farmhouse


Peel and Stick Farmhouse Wallpaper


If you’re looking for a cheaper way to do a wood finish you might like something like this: Believe it or not, this is actually just peel and stick.

How much easier can it get than that!


I wouldn’t use this on the shower wall as it would get too wet, but on the other walls in the bathroom it should be fine


Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

Speaking of wood, let’s not forget about your Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity. There are many models to choose from and of course you can decide whether you want a single sink vanity or double sink. It all depends on the size of your household, the size of your budget and your budget.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Distressed Blue

Here is a lovely blue distressed wood vanity with a single sink. Remember, we said that Farmhouse style has distressed wood to give it that old home feel.






Weathered Oak Farmhouse Vanity


If you need something for a smaller bathroom perhaps this would be better for you.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity.

Fortunately, there are enough vanities for your bathroom to suit your needs.

Personal preference is what it all comes down to so be sure to check out our other Bathroom vanities and see if there is something you like.

If you wish to check out other Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities, you can click on this Link.


White Farmhouse Barn Door Vanity









Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting

Farmhouse Vanity Lights







Farmhouse Vanity Light

Farmhouse Vanity Lights are usually made of metal and have an old time vibe to them.

Farmhouse Mason Jar Lighting

Some people like to use industrial lighting and some like the mason jar lights.

If you would prefer a bar type lighting fixture, this one below, will probably fit your fancy.

Farmhouse Bar Lighting Fixture


More Farmhouse Bathroom lighting can be found by clicking this LINK.





Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Farnhouse Fresh Soap and Water Wall Decor

There are so many ways to accessorize the Farmhouse bathroom. Everything from Farmhouse Rugs, wall decor, wicker baskets or galvanized pans to place toiletries in. There is so much to choose from.



Farmhouse bathroom accessories can be made of various textures such as stone, wicker, rattan, chicken wire, galvanized steel, etc.

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Toilet Paper HolderRemember to try and keep things simple and natural. You want your Farmhouse bathroom to feel like it’s in tune with nature.


Farmhouse Toothbrush Holder

Farmhouse Soap Dish








Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Farmhouse Boxed Sign








Farmhouse Toiletries CaddyFarmhouse Soap Holder


Farmhouse wood Shelves
















We hope you have enjoyed our Farmhouse Decor Ideas. Why not give your bathroom décor a spruce-up and go for the Farmhouse Style for a warm, rich and relaxing atmosphere.

For more Farmhouse Decor Ideas you can try looking at AMAZON for more fun things.

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p.s. For a fun DIY why not paint some mason jars for your Farmhouse Bathroom? (you can also put a pump in it if you want to use it for lotion or soap) YouTube Video on how to paint them here:

If you don’t have time for DIY you can buy some. Just click on the pic.

Farmhouse Mason Jars for Bathroom






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