Rustic Country Christmas Bathroom Theme

A Rustic, Country Bathroom Theme is trending now, so let’s discuss how to incorporate this for your Christmas Bathroom Decorating Theme.

In order to decorate our bathrooms in any particular theme we will need to decide 3 things

  1. Which Rustic/Country Christmas Shower Curtain We want to Use
  2. What Color Scheme are we gong to use
  3. Which Rustic/Country Christmas Bathroom Accessories to use.

Choosing a Rustic/Country Christmas Shower Curtain

There are many lovely rustic/country shower curtains that are suitable for your Christmas Bathroom Theme. We will display a few choices below to help you know what is available. On a side note, many of these will also be suitable for a Farmhouse Styled Bathroom. For more information regarding the Farmhouse Theme please refer to our other article “Farmhouse Styled Bathroom“.

Country Farmhouse Christmas Shower Curtain



This fabric Country Christmas Shower Curtain is great for a Country/Rustic Farmhouse inspired Christmas Bathroom. It’s design is not too busy which is great and the price is reasonable.








Country Snowman Country Christmas Shower Curtain



Here we have a delightful Snowman Christmas Shower Curtain that would also go very well in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom Theme.







Country Christmas Snowman Shower Curtain


Adorable winter pattern featuring three snowmen accented by snowflakes, cardinal birds, pine trees and more. This festive Shower curtain can be used all season long, not just for Christmas.

The Mat is not included.






Country Wreath Christmas Shower Curtain


This lovely Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Shower Curtain is made of 100% Polyester and comes with decorative Christmas Shower Hooks. They are little red cardinals.







Red Snowflake Country Christmas Shower Curtain



The red shower curtain with white snowflakes is sure to add extra charm to your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Themed bathroom.

This is sure to give a festive feeling to your Christmas Bathroom theme.










Festive Country Christmas Shower Curtain


This particular Christmas shower curtain has little trees and festive gifts as a design feature. A very unique shower curtain for your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Themed Bathroom.







Snowman Lace Fabric Shower Curtain


This Snowman Lace Shower Curtain is a lovely addition to your Christmas Bathroom Theme. The great thing about lace is that it is sheer so putting your favorite colored shower curtain liner behind it will bring out the details of the snowman very well.

For more information regarding the different types of shower curtain material be sure to refer to our article: Which Shower Curtain Material is Best?






Country Christmas Shower Curtain Wood Panel



This Country Christmas Shower Curtain is rather unique. Red Christmas gifts lines up again a wood plank background gives it a very Rustic Farmhouse look.









Vintage Country Farmhouse Shower Curtain


This Christmas Shower Curtain has a lot of Vintage charm which would go wonderfully in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme.

Many people find this particular shower curtain very charming.







Santa Country Christmas Shower Curtain


This is a lovely whimsical Christmas Shower Curtain with Santa Claus peeking through the window. Very Country/Rustic Farmhouse inspired it is sure to be a big hit with family and guests over the holidays.







Red Truck Christmas Tree Shower Curtain



Another Country Vintage inspired Christmas Shower Curtain. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of going out to get the tree for Christmas? Adding it to the back of a red pick-up truck gives it that extra Country charm.







Anti-Bacterial 8 G Shower Curtain Liner


At Shower Curtains Plus we always suggest that you use a shower curtain liner no matter which Christmas shower curtain you plan on using. Amazon sells a great one that is also anti-bacterial and has good reviews. We suggest you purchase this one.





What Color Scheme to Use

As you can see, there is quite a vast array of appropriate country/rustic farmhouse shower curtains available to choose from. Although most Christmas Bathroom Themes incorporate Red and Green, you can see that maybe adding some browns and more muted burgundy’s might go better with some of the shower curtains above.

Once you have decided on the Shower Curtain of your choice then you can add the little extras in the color most appropriate, to bring your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom to life.


Rustic/Country Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom Accessories

Below you will find some lovely bathroom accessories to compliment your country/rustic farmhouse bathroom theme.

Shower Curtain Rings

Snowflake Shower Curtain Hooks

Although shower curtains usually come with their own shower curtain rings, many people find that they are flimsy and break easily. This is why we suggest that you buy something a little sturdier that will also add to the Theme effect you are going for.

These snowflake shower curtain hooks would go well with most of the shower curtains that we have shown you above. They have a delicate snowflake pattern and could be used all Winter long.




Vintage Christmas Shower Curtain Hooks

These vintage looking Christmas shower curtain hooks would look great with many of the shower curtains shown above.





Pointesettia and Holly Shower Curtain Hooks

Poinsettias and holly are also a great choice for shower curtain hooks for Christmas Bathroom theme.





Other Miscellaneous Christmas Accessories


Chalkboard look Christmas Soap pump



This chalkboard look soap/lotion pump would look great in a Country/Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Theme.






Dancing Tin Angels


Although these dancing tin angels are actually Christmas tree ornaments, you might consider hanging them in your Country Christmas inspired bathroom. They can easily be hung around cabinet door handles of perhaps from shelves in the bathroom. These come in a set of 12 so if you can’t use them all in the bathroom you can use any leftovers in your country kitchen or place them on the Christmas Tree.




Snowman Wall Decor




This cute little burlap snowman is battery operated and lights up. It would make a cute addition to your Christmas bathroom decor by hanging it on a wall.




Snowman Christmas Tissue Box Cover


This adorable tissue box holder has a certain country charm that would add a lovely touch to your Country/rustic farmhouse Christmas bathroom.






Rustic Christmas Greeting Wall Decor


This wall decor plaque is a lovely addition to your Country Christmas Bathroom.






As you can see, there are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating your Country/Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Bathroom. We hope you find something that fits your needs. Be sure to check out our other articles on Bathroom Decorating Ideas.

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