Do You Need An Extra Wide And Extra Long Shower Curtain?

Extra Wide Shower Curtain BlueHard to Find Sizes:

(See our other article on extra long shower curtains and special sizes for more info)

Finding an extra wide shower curtain as well as an extra long shower curtain can be a problem. Fortunately there are a few shower curtains on the market that can solve the issue. We received an email from a woman who had a problem finding a shower curtain that is 78″ Wide as well as 78″ Long. Here is the solution to the dilemma.

The first option is to find a shower curtain this size which is extra long and extra wide. This is what we came across.

This particular shower curtain on the left, is both extra wide and extra long. 78″ x 78″. It is a beautiful shower curtain with Blues, white and tans.

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This extra wide shower curtain shown below is 78″ x 78″ but has wider options as well.

Extra Wide Extra Long Shower Curtain 78" x 78"








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Extra Wide and Extra Long Shower Curtain

We also have a more modern designed shower curtain that fits the description of an extra wide shower curtain as well as an extra long one. (Note: The colors state that this shower curtain is Black/White and Grey/Gray but customers say it is actually Tan and not Grey)

This curtain measures 78″ Wide and 88″ Long





The biggest concern when choosing an extra wide and extra long Shower Curtain is finding one in a style and color that will go with your Bathroom Theme decor.

This is why we are listing a variety of designs hoping you will find one that meets your style and budget.

For Those of you how love the combination of brown and turquoise, here is another Polyester shower curtain with a Paisley print. 78″ x 78″

Extra Wide Extra Long Shower Curtain 78" x 78"Extra Wide Extra Long Shower Curtain 78" x 78"









More Extra Wide and Extra Long Shower Curtains

Below are a few more styles which you may want to check out. Again these are the extra wide, extra long shower curtains.

Extra Wide X Long Shower Curtain

This Particular Fabric Shower Curtain is 96″ Wide X 78″ Long.

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Nautical Extra Wide Extra Long Shower Curtain

This Nautical Themed Shower Curtain comes in a variety of sizes, even 108″ x 72″ which is also good for a claw foot tub. (Be sure to check out our Nautical Themed Bathroom)

Extra Long 108″ x 78″ as well as other sizes to choose from. (Click on the image for more information on prices and sizes.)





Shower Curtain Extra Wide Extra Long 78" x 84"

This Shower Curtain comes in Extra Wide and Extra Long 78″ x 84″. There are also other sizes and colors. For more information click on the picture and it will take you to the advertising page.







Extra Wide/Extra Long Shower Curtain Liners

You are probably aware that extra wide/extra long shower curtain liners are also hard to find. We have included a couple here to help you. Although these are marketed as shower curtains, they can easily be used a shower curtain liners to protect any fabric shower curtain you may be using.

Shower Curtain Liner Extra Wide Extra Long

Uforme Extra Wide EVA Shower Curtain Liner Water Repellent and Mildew Resistant, 86″ x 78″ Bathroom Curtain 3D Cube Print with Metal Grommets, Clear.

For more information regarding EVA and PEVA Shower Curtains, check out our article on Shower Curtain Materials Part II

This shower curtain liner comes in a variety of size. (Click image for more information.)





If you can’t find an extra wide shower curtain at 78”, purchasing one at 84” will be wider by 6 inches. This is not a huge problem because you can usually adjust the fullness between the hooks to make it fit, but more fully ( a more drape like effect)

With an extra wide shower curtain, you may need extra shower curtain hooks. Due to the extra width, there may be more shower curtain holes.

Remember our advise to always use a shower curtain liner even if they say that their fabric is waterproof…See our article Which Bathroom Shower Curtain is the Best?

Some people like to use tablecloth weights to try and avoid their shower curtains from billowing (the shower curtain blow-in effect). You may find it helps.

Shown Here Are A Few Extra Wide Shower Curtains That You Might Like

Extra Wide Shower Curtain Claw Foot Tub

This Shower Curtain is Extra Wide and is great for a Claw Foot Tub.

It measures 180″ x 70″






Extra Wide Shower Curtain 108" x 72"

This Extra Wide Shower Curtain by Welwo, comes in a variety of sizes including 108″ x 72″








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